1. Alignment: This alignment is about a preparation; a reengineering of how you operate; a training; because God will prepare you through His word. There will be an alignment of your will to God’s will and your purposes with His purposes. God is bringing you into the place of His dream for you.

2. Completeness: This means to be made full and replete. The Word of God will be lodged in your system, you will be full of God’s Word in a brand new way because there will be a desire in your heart for the knowledge of God. When that knowledge fills your spirit, you will be amazed at what it produces.

3. Excellence: Excellence is a product of your spirit. When you let your spirit, with the nature of God,  produce works of righteousness, you will walk in excellence.

4. Telesphoreó (Translated perfection in Luke 8:14): It is a compound word that means to bring to fruition, to come to a ripened state or to come to a matured state where it triggers a result. In 2020, you will come to that place. Your projects will come into that state where they produce results. The knowledge of God’s Word in you will come to that state where it produces results.

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Man’s knowledge cannot make you a success he can only make you succeed. To be a success in life you need the one who knows about life. Your greatness isn’t in the definition of your assignments, it is in the quality of your spirit.

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Never accept anything contrary to what the Word says about you. If you’re experiencing weakness, doubt, discouragement, and other negativities in your life, don’t accept them. Your life is for the glory of God; you’re God’s workmanship, fashioned for excellence. You’re born of God, for glory and for beauty.

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Faith is always product of our consciousness in Christ . Let’s look at The story of Moses delivering the children of Israel from Egypt but pharaoh hardened his heart, and its interesting God Said to Moses “ I know he will not let you go except with a strong hand “ sometimes we need to be informed about the character of our adversaries. Satan is not going to give up just because you said you are a child of God. This time GOD SAID to Moses this time he will surely let you go and restrained his power from Egypt and the death angel who was also known as the DESTROYER (satan) was allowed to go into Egypt and destroy. Satan has a passion for DESTRUCTION. It was satan who was that angel of death God does not keep a special angel for death , infact the bible said death is an enemy of God.

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